Mountain Time

and the Legend of La Société de la Frontière Ouverte

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A series of life-altering events are set into motion when cosmic calling cards are sent from a small town library and a former resident is notified that she is overdue. Despite vowing never to return, she feels compelled to face a homecoming that will include memories from a traumatic past as well as new challenges based on a cryptic legend.

After leaving the town of Mountaintop in the mid-1990's, Michelle Tonelli believed she was abandoning The Mountain for good but after living in Seattle for twenty years, she decides to move back to her hometown with her husband and two young sons.  Her plans for slowly exorcising the demons from her past are put on the back burner as she is led down a path that includes a mysterious crystal cave and a secret society.  Michelle must learn to accept her role in the unbelievable events taking place while simultaneously staying grounded in her life as a wife, mother, and nurse. 

Mountain Time contains major spoilers for Mountaintop USA and Saving Grace.

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The books featured here have overlapping characters and story lines but each was written with the intent that it could be read as a part of the series or as a stand alone novel. Saving Grace contains major spoilers for the previous three books.  There aren't any spoilers in Limbo, Mountaintop USA, or Mirrors in the Dark. 

Saving Grace

Mirrors in the Dark

Mountaintop USA


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As a comet is about to pass by Earth, the people of who live in Mountaintop learn that their location will be perfect for viewing the icy orb.  The quirky residents gather together with their telescopes to gaze at the comet and have a party.  To their surprise, the night will be illuminated by revelations.
The town of Mountaintop is populated with chess players, astronomy enthusiasts, runners, and donut lovers.   Roots run deep in the peculiar town and the history that formed the fabric of the chilly mountain community is shared through chapters that alternate with the America of the early 1990's.  A tangled web connects experiences from the past with life in the present and as relationships are explored, the town's undercurrents begin to bubble to the surface. 
The Comet Terrapin serves as a purveyor of mystery that exposes The Mountain's darkest places and brings to light the beauty in those who have been unable to accept their gifts.   Staring into space and feeling the affects of the comet are a donut shop mystic, a Russian immigrant with a longing for her homeland, and a family that has suffered the devastating loss of their matriarch.  Everyone in attendance at the comet party will have an altered perspective after the passing. 

Mountain Literary

During a jaunt to Tijuana with his buddies in 1970, Randy "Scout" Monroe was looking forward to a day of partying while on summer break from college.  After a few too many beers cloud the boys' judgment, they consider a tempting proposal to buy drugs from some local teens.  When the drug dealers turn the transaction into an ambush the results are catastrophic and Scout ends up in an illegal prison cell for the next five years.
In 1980, five years after his escape from prison, Scout begins a journal that chronicles his experiences during his time in the rogue jail cell.  He was held in solitary confinement the entire time and kept in total darkness.  For five years Scout saw neither another person nor light but he developed a coping mechanism that helped him to survive the lack of human companionship and the pitch-black cell. 
During the writing of his journal Scout clings to his mirrors in the dark even though his obsession has rendered him incapable of maintaining a relationship with his family or accepting a woman who loves him.   His refusal to give up his attachment to the mirrors may also cost him his life. 

When Grace Harridge turns fifty years old on New Year's Day in the year 2000 she expects the upcoming new year to be as uneventful and lonely as those that preceded it but there are some unexpected surprises in store as she is about to meet the love of her life and face a terrifying threat from a convicted murderer.
Grace has spent her entire adult life building a deeply rewarding career as a nurse in San Diego and Seattle but she has struggled with personal relationships.  When an exciting new romance begins to flourish she envisions a brighter future but her sense of optimism is challenged when she finds out that a serial killer with a score to settle has been released on parole. 
The conflicting emotions of love and fear dominate Grace's thoughts as she plans for a future that includes a devoted partner while also preparing for the day when the killer is allowed to roam free.  Grace believes that a final confrontation is imminent.

 Saving Grace contains major spoilers for Limbo, Mountaintop USA, and Mirrors in the Dark.

Coming in the fall of 2017 - The Ways of Autumn

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Life is idyllic for the Martin family until a drunk driver crosses their path and four year old Missy is killed in the accident.  The young girl's parents mourn their daughter's death in very different ways.  Levi Martin internalizes his depression and heartbreak while Sherry projects rage towards the driver who destroyed her family and vows vengeance.
As Levi and Sherry try to come to grips with Missy's death it becomes obvious that their conflicting emotions are incompatible and a split is necessary.  Levi leaves Sherry behind in Los Angeles and takes off on a cross-country journey, bound for his childhood home in Pennsylvania.  His sense of loss is so overwhelming he doesn't believe that he will be able to continue beyond the end of the trip.  
During a stop in Las Vegas, he meets a cocktail waitress named Kitty who convinces him to take her to Boston.  As they spend several days driving across the United States, Kitty tries to find out why Levi is so depressed while at the same time keeping the skeletons in her closet deeply buried. 
When Levi reaches the end of the road he can envision only one outcome.  Kitty hopes that she can rescue him before it's too late.