The books from Mountain Literary feature overlapping characters and story lines but each can be read as a part of the series or as a stand alone novel.

Keep an eye out for our newest book, The Ways of Autumn, coming in 2017! 

William Graney Author

Saving Grace and Mountain Time contain spoilers for the previous books.
There are no spoilers in Limbo, Mountaintop USA, or Mirrors in the Dark.

Mountain Time

A series of life-altering events are set into motion when cosmic calling cards are sent from a small town library and a former resident is notified that she is overdue.
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Saving Grace

When Grace Harridge turns fifty years old on New Year's Day in the year 2000 she expects the upcoming new year to be as uneventful and lonely as those that preceded it but there are some unexpected surprises in store.
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Mirrors in the Dark

During a jaunt to Tijuana with his buddies in 1970, Randy "Scout" Monroe was looking forward to a day of partying while on summer break from college.
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Mountaintop USA

As a comet is about to pass by Earth, the people of who live in Mountaintop learn that their location will be perfect for viewing the icy orb.  The quirky residents gather together with their telescopes to gaze at the comet and have a party.
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Life is idyllic for the Martin family until a drunk driver crosses their path and four year old Missy is killed in the accident.  The young girl's parents mourn their daughter's death in very different ways.
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Tupie's Diner

In this short story, a new character in the novel Mountain Time is introduced.
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