About Mountain Literary


The Mountain Literary web site was created so that I can have a place to promote my books and provide links to the Kindle versions on Amazon.  In the future, the scope may expand beyond the books I write but for the time being I will continue to write new stories and encourage people to give my books a try.

My writing style can be dark, and take on serious subject matter, but I also like to inject humor and love.  Shinning a light on the peculiar twists and turns that life can take is another aspect that pops up frequently in my writing.  In some cases the stories lean towards the mystic and I enjoy connecting the dots from past to present.

This website was named after Mountaintop USA because the town of Mountaintop is the spiritual center of my writing.  Even though Mountaintop isn't mentioned in Limbo or Mirrors in the Dark, in my imagination I'm always hanging out at Mountain Donuts whenever I sit in front of the keyboard.  

Comments and Reviews are greatly appreciated on Amazon and GoodReads.  

Click here to listen to me discuss the books in the Mountain Literary line up during an interview on Speak Up Talk Radio.

Thank You,
William Graney