Limbo by William Graney


Life is idyllic for the Martin family until a drunk driver crosses their path and four year old Missy is killed in the accident.  The young girl's parents mourn their daughter's death in very different ways.  Levi Martin internalizes his depression and heartbreak while Sherry projects rage towards the driver who destroyed her family and vows vengeance.

As Levi and Sherry try to come to grips with Missy's death it becomes obvious that their conflicting emotions are incompatible and a split is necessary.  Levi leaves Sherry behind in Los Angeles and takes off on a cross-country journey, bound for his childhood home in Pennsylvania.  His sense of loss is so overwhelming he doesn't believe that he will be able to continue beyond the end of the trip.  

During a stop in Las Vegas, he meets a cocktail waitress named Kitty who convinces him to take her to Boston.  As they spend several days driving across the United States, Kitty tries to find out why Levi is so depressed while at the same time keeping the skeletons in her closet deeply buried. When Levi reaches the end of the road he can envision only one outcome.  Kitty hopes that she can rescue him before it's too late.