Mountain Time by William Graney

Mountain Time and the Legend of La Société de la Frontière Ouverte

A series of life-altering events are set into motion when cosmic calling cards are sent from a small town library and a former resident is notified that she is overdue. Despite vowing never to return, she feels compelled to face a homecoming that will include memories from a traumatic past as well as new challenges based on a cryptic legend. 

After leaving the town of Mountaintop in the mid-1990's, Michelle Tonelli believed she was abandoning The Mountain for good but after living in Seattle for twenty years, she decides to move back to her hometown with her husband and two young sons.  Her plans for slowly exorcising the demons from her past are put on the back burner as she is led down a path that includes a mysterious crystal cave and a secret society.  Michelle must learn to accept her role in the unbelievable events taking place while simultaneously staying grounded in her life as a wife, mother, and nurse.  

Mountain Time contains major spoilers for Mountaintop USA and Saving Grace.