Book Reviews


If your book falls into the Adventure genre (it can be either fiction or non-fiction) I’m willing to read and review your book.  I do not charge for reviews; they will be honest and follow the standard 1-5 rating systems on Amazon and Goodreads where I will post the reviews.  

In the event I don’t love your book (or if I do), I’ll clear the review with you before posting. If you’d rather I’d not post the review, I won’t, but I will not alter it in any way. As a writer who has received a bad review or two, I know it can be rough so even if I don’t care for the book, I’ll try to highlight the positives.

I have a preference for paperbacks, and I consider printed books mandatory if there are maps and/or photos included.  I’m open to PDF’s as well depending on the content.

If you’re wondering about the Adventure genre, I think of it as consisting of (but not limited to) books about expeditions, mountaineering, sailing, scuba diving, surfing, rock climbing, skiing, search & rescue, map making, navigation, and kayaking/canoeing. 

Please submit your request via the Contact page.