Saving Grace by William Graney

Saving Grace

When Grace Harridge turns fifty years old on New Year's Day in the year 2000 she expects the upcoming new year to be as uneventful and lonely as those that preceded it but there are some unexpected surprises in store as she is about to meet the love of her life and face a terrifying threat from a convicted murderer.

Grace has spent her entire adult life building a deeply rewarding career as a nurse in San Diego and Seattle but she has struggled with personal relationships.  When an exciting new romance begins to flourish she envisions a brighter future but her sense of optimism is challenged when she finds out that a serial killer with a score to settle has been released on parole. 

The conflicting emotions of love and fear dominate Grace's thoughts as she plans for a future that includes a devoted partner while also preparing for the day when the killer is allowed to roam free.  Grace believes that a final confrontation is imminent.

 Saving Grace contains major spoilers for Limbo, Mountaintop USA, and Mirrors in the Dark.