Mountaintop USA by William Graney

The Mountain’s Morning Song

In the year 2052, governing entities throughout the United States are dominated by the far right Christian Law Party as the president begins to implement a gradual plan for the establishment of one-party rule. For those who are committed to democracy, the only hope on the horizon comes from Angie Branson, the presidential nominee for the obscure Science Party. 

In the small, remote town of Mountaintop, a secret society has been meeting and discussing the miraculous nature of their origins for thirty-seven years. Based on a divine message, they believe an apocalypse is imminent, but it will not occur until the next century. Realizing they have to share their knowledge with future generations, they are firm in their conviction, but also relieved that the exodus isn’t expected in their lifetimes. 

Their mission is altered when the rising tide of hate and violence accelerates the projected arrival of the prophesied events. The members of La Société de la Frontière Ouverte are instructed to prepare for departure from the earthly realm through a crystal portal in a nearby cave. The only hope for restoring the original timeline is for the Science Party candidate to pull off an election day miracle and lead the country toward an enlightened future.