Mountain Time by William Graney

The Ways of Autumn

The misty sea spray caressing Catherine's face portends the unclear path ahead as she contemplates the beginning of her new life in California.  Her ten-year journey will include a new relationship, a trek to the highest summit in the contiguous United States, and a poignant hospice experience that will challenge her to rise from the ashes of despair.  

Catherine decides to leave Boston when a company from the Silicon Valley presents an offer for her successful website design company.  After accepting the buyout, she signs a contract with a Los Angeles based health care corporation to work as a consultant and thus begins her decade-long stay on the west coast.  As time passes in her sunny new environment, Catherine grows increasingly homesick despite the thrill of falling in love and her passion for hiking the Southern California trails.  Conflicts arise when the desire to return to her native New England dominates her thoughts and she meets Kenny, a young man who is facing his final days.  As Catherine sits at Kenny's bedside, she helps him work through his struggles to understand love and devotion while facing the fear of a completed life's journey.  Their conversations inspire her to reflect deeply upon her own life, the decisions she has made, and the path she must follow.